Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Short Essay On Bats

Nothing is too important to keep me from stopping just after sunset and scanning the western sky for the appearance of the bats. I anticipate their arrival like I used to count down the minutes to favorite TV show in the “other world”. I think it was October when I saw them last. They hibernate over the winter months. My bats are “little brown bats” very common in West Virginia. I had a chance to examine one close up last summer while walking down Rock Creek. It was spread out on a rock next to the water. It did not appear injured but I was concerned it was out during the day….not a good thing for bats. It was gone when I returned about an hour later and I like to think it flew back to its roost. I am not sure where they spend their days but I suspect it is in a craggy rock face across the river. They came back to life tonight, flying back and forth along the river. I hope they ate well. Welcome back bats!