Thursday, January 31, 2013

Picture Show

Thought I would try something different and post a video. It is really just a slide show with pictures of my land. I made this before deciding to move up here from Florida. The title is Pharm because that is what my family has always called this place (my father was a pharmacist and so is my sister…it seemed appropriate). Some of the pictures will look familiar to regular readers because I’ve used them before in posts. The first few slides show scenes on the way to the Pharm. The music is from one of my favorite CDs called Appalachian Journey.


Angela said...

Your place is beautiful Roger! Almost Heaven West Virginia!

langela said...

I love the tree on the rock photo, the tree by the creek photo, the creek waterfalls... I loved them all. Thanks for sharing a bit of your beautiful place with us. And the music, along with the gorgeous pictures, relaxed me so much I almost fell asleep. I may have to listen again when I don't need to be getting going for the day!