Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ira, Day Two


Day two of my Nephew’s visit was a day of exploration and photography.

I have written so much about my favorite places on the property that I won’t bore you with too many details. Since Ira said he had read most of my past posts I made a list of landmarks along Rock Creek and challenged him to find as many as he could and there would be a cash prize for every one he found and photographed.  It was sort of a scavenger hunt.  

 On the list was: Owl Rock, Bear Cave, Dragon Tree, Hound Hole, Mill Stone, Spring, Old Cabin Site, Waterfall, Slingshot Tree, Stonehenge, Tree with Windows, Pirate’s Cave, and Balancing Rock. He would get extra points for finding and catching a crawdad, sighting a box turtle, snapping turtle and an intact Mason jar porcelain cap in the creek bed.

 Here are some pictures he took along the way:

Ira did very well!  I had to point out a few items. When we got near to the waterfall I hinted that sometimes you had to look with your ears. The waterfall is not visible from the creek bed, but he stopped, listened, and found it. He took a lot more great pictures that I will use in other posts.
Over the next two days we visited the oil producing side of the property, toured some backroads, (don't tell his mother, but I let him drive the truck for miles), let him meet some of my friends  and, yes, we went frog hunting on his last night. I'll write about those adventures another time. Right now I have some presents to wrap.


Anonymous said...

Great photos at the cabin . I'm surprised not to see Dooley in any of the pictures. I recognize slingshot tree, and also tree with windows. The Millstone is familiar.

Angela said...

Love the different names of landmarks you have on your property! Did you come up with those or did someone else name them? Ira did a fantastic job with his photographs! The tree with windows was a first for me! lol I would have let him drive the truck for miles too if I lived out on a dirt road like yours. I let my daughter drive my old truck in our hay field this summer after she would dump the trash! lol