Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Three Things.....

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Morning! I woke up to find this fancy Salt Cellar in my stocking. Now I have a place to keep my precious Kosher salt. It came with a certificate that said it was made by West Virginia hill people at the Poky River Artisans Colony.
Thanks Santa Dooley!

For Dooley's Christmas present I carved him a fake Swisher Sweet Outlaw Double Barrel Rum Cigar so he could join me evenings on the porch when I smoke and write. Can you tell which is the real one and which is the fake?

 The fake one is on the right. I made the ash end from some old pewter paint I had left over from another project.

For all of our readers who have asked to see pictures of the cabin and  more pictures of Dooley, here is Dooley's  Christmas present to you. This is a self portrait of Dooley on the hillside over looking the cabin. Enjoy. 



langela said...

The last photo was perfect! Tell Dooley thanks for the glimpse at the cabin. And up his nose.

Angela said...

Fantastic job on the cigar! lol Dooley needs a little help with that camera! lol