Monday, February 25, 2013

Road Trip

Dooley and I are leaving for Florida tomorrow morning. The animals were picked up Saturday afternoon by FFA. The truck driver was afraid to cross the river so we herded the goats down to the river road. I put the chickens in an improvised coop and drove them down in my truck. Dooley supervised the whole operation. After dropping off the chickens we drove to town to Harry’s grocery/ hardware/ feed and seed and stocked up on Slim Jims , Honey Buns and Swisher Sweet Outlaw Double Barrel Rum Cigars for the road. The cabin is shuttered and secure. Tonight is uncomfortably quiet.

We are only driving to Charlotte N.C. the first day. There is a neat little park by a lake there where we can camp. Should be in Orlando by 3pm Tuesday.  I’m taking the laptop so we update how the trip is going.

I told Dooley it almost feels like we are two Amish kids heading out on Rumspringa. Hope we don’t get too crazy.

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langela said...

I look forward to hearing how your trip is going and the exciting adventures Dooley is having.