Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mission Accomplished

Yesterday and part to of today was spent moving my things out of the old storage unit (the purpose of this trip). I owe a lot of thanks to my friends Richard, Sue and their two grown sons Allen and Richard Jr. for their time, muscle and help with the move. We moved some of it to a new storage unit, some I am donating to Goodwill and a few of my favorite pieces are going to live with Richard and Sue. I put Richard and Sue’s name on my new storage unit contract so they can manage my stuff and move it if it becomes necessary again. If Dooley pushes me off a cliff, it all goes to my sister. Here are a couple of things now living with my friends.

This medical cabinet belonged originally to a doctor who lived in Charleston W.Va. During the early part of WWI German spies broke into the building where he had his office and set fire to the place. If you look you can see scorch marks on the cabinet. On the back side of the cabinet is a mirror that is cracked from the fire. The doctor lived to be one hundred.  Below that is a picture of his office taken around 1909 that shows the cabinet (far left) in his office. It is filled with old medical and chemistry items I collected over the years. I’m happy to see them out of the boxes and bubble wrap and on display again.

This is a wicker rocking chair that belonged to my grandmother. There is a picture somewhere (I think my sister has it) that shows her in the chair holding a six-month old me.

I am also taking some of my books back to W.Va., including all of my Carl Sagan books, few history books I think Firewood Kenny will like and this old 1930’s Pharmaceutical Recipe book that belonged to my dad. I am particularly anxious to try the sulfur and tar ointment for dogs (just kidding Dooley).
Dooley is overwhelmed with so many things. For one, he is living in the same house with a large black male cat named Saboo. I have tried to get a picture of them together but have not been successful yet. He is fascinated by the electric gate at the front of the neighborhood, stop lights, sirens, the number of cars on the road, the course saint augustine grass, air conditioning, palm trees and Richard’s 50 inch TV. I can’t wait to see his face at the beach tomorrow.

My friend from Tampa is working as a music teacher in the public school system and she can’t join us at Disney World until Saturday.



Angela said...

That is a very beautiful antique! Do you happen to know the name of the doctor in the picture? I have a great great grand father who was a doctor in the area back then. His name was Emmet Alexander Winter.

The rocking chair looks brand new!

Hope Dooley loves the beach!

Have fun!

Roger said...

Angela, the doctor's name is Arthur Shawkey. The chair has been repainted once (kept the same original green color) and re-upholstered once.

langela said...

I love antiques, especially ones with a story. So glad yours have found a home with friends. And speaking of friends, you have some good ones there, Roger. So good that they even roped their grown sons into helping. Awesome!

Samantha said...

I LOVE the story behind the cabinet..fascinating history!