Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Questions, Questions, Questions

In an effort to give readers what they want Irene has established an email account just for questions about this blog. She will include it at the bottom of each post. Please feel free to ask anything you want about me, Dooley the dog, cabin life or more detail on anything I have written about. I will try to answer each question and I will answer the best questions in an upcoming FAQ blog.

Here it is: irenelooney@rocketmail.com

In the meantime, here are some questions for you.

1. Is the style of this blog difficult to read?
2. Is there anyone you would like to hear more about (Irene, Firewood Kenny, Fiddlin’ Clyde Harper, Ramon, Ramon’s wife, Randy, Harry the Hardware Guy, The McCroskey dogs, Paul the Goat, Dooley)?
3. Do you think I have sold out by allowing Ads on my blog?
4. Do I need more pictures?
5. Should I include more nuts and bolts info on cabin life?

I am going to take a few days off from posting to give this page a chance to stay up front. I would like to invite new readers to use the archive on the right to read some of my past posts and become familiar with the blog. Some of the favorites are: “Hello Dooley”, about how I came to get Dooley the dog, “Blackberries”, where I first meet Fiddlin’ Clyde Harper, “Dooley for President”, Dooley’s run for office. There are also some two parters like “Outlaw” and “In Search of the Elusive….Bullfrog”. If you go way back to 2008 and 2009 you will see how and why I ended up here and some early experiences here in the woods of West Virginia. Enjoy and start those questions coming.


Anonymous said...

No, Them Ads is what makes the internet go along, ya' kno!

Angela said...

Don't get mad at me but you asked! lol

First I think the Arial font is easier to read and I like the large font at that. Please don't go to a black background with white letters! Those are incredibly hard to read and I don't do it.

I love seeing pictures of different things. I think my blog is mostly about the pictures. I mostly take pictures of things and then write what I know about them.

I'd love to see a good picture of Dooley!

I say just write what you feel like writing. What ever comes to your mind. Some people will do a post about their childhood memories and then do a post about something that happened that day.

I did like your earlier posts about your cabin life and such. Is it a big cabin or a one room type cabin? Who built it? Are you fixing it up?

The ads don't bother me. I'm used to seeing them on other blogs I look at and follow. I say if you can make a little money off of it than more power to you! I personally don't want to bother with the taxes so I won't do it.

Does any of your family still live in the West Virginia area? Do they visit?

Do you raise a garden and can your goods? Any good recipes to share there?

Why did you leave West Virginia when you did?

Can't wait to see that picture of Dooley! lol

Angela said...

Oh, and does Irene have a blog of her own?

Roger said...

Angela, Could you please send an email to me, Irene, so Roger can answer your questions directly. My email address and link are in the post. You don't have to re-ask questions...just say Hi or something so we can reply. I can answeer one question, no, I don't have my own blog...but I've thought about it. Thanks, Irene

Granny Sue said...

More pics! I have a little trouble reading it; maybe the font is too small. Us old folks need large type, ya know :)

Still reading and getting to know you through your blog. It's always exciting to find a blogger living not so far away.

Roger said...

I mentioned to Irene about the font size, I agree it is hard to read. With the help of a suggestion from Angela I think we have corrected that problem begining with "An Update On Paul the Goat". More pictures will have to wait a bit but I'm woking on it. The ironic thing is, in the "other world" I was a cinematographer and pictures were my life....