Monday, March 12, 2012


Dooley the dog and I were skipping rocks on the river yesterday. I got to wondering if the rocks skipping across the water had as much fun skipping as I did by skipping them. On the other hand I was ultimately dooming them to a life at the cold dark bottom of the river and maybe I should be feeling a little guilty. Dooley assured me that rocks are happy wherever they are. I hope so. In any event, here are a few of my favorite rocks:

I don’t have a name for this rock yet. “Balancing Rock” just seems to be too common a name for such a great rock. The bottom of the rock sits in the creek and over hundreds, maybe thousands of years its base has been eroded by the flowing water. It stands in a place I call “Stonehenge”. Just up from the bank of the creek there are some unusual square faced rocks that almost look like the foundation of an old fort. An abandoned alien base perhaps?

I call this place the “Bear Cave’ because if we had any bears I’m sure this is where they would want to live. It is a rock overhang that has a depth of about 30 feet. I camp here sometimes but would never dare sleep under the overhang.

This is “Owl Rock”. It sits on the bank of the river and is the namesake of the little town that used to be here. When we had a swinging bridge it came across the river right next to the rock and it used to be a popular place for teens to hang out. Dooley is certain that it also used to be a popular place for Indian hunting parties to camp.

This is one of two millstones I found down by the mill site. 20 years ago this was buried about 15 feet from the banks of Rock Creek. Just like the tree I spoke of in my last blog, I have watched it as the eroding bank crept closer and closer. I have a picture somewhere of the stone jutting out of the bank about ten years ago. Now it sits in the creek bed. I’m afraid that someday one of the ATVer’s will spot it and figure a way to get it out. It probably weighs close to 500 lbs. and there is just no way I can move it to safety. Fortunately there is a second one still buried in the area and I’m the only one who knows where it is.
I have several other favorite rocks, but I don’t have pictures to show so I will save them for another day. Be kind to your rocks.

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Angela said...

Those are some cool rocks on your property! If you can get a tractor to that mill stone you might can get it out yourself and take it back to your cabin! I would. We don't have 4-wheelers traveling through our property. I'm glad too! We do have an old gas well road that we drive on ourselves from time to time. It needs cleaned off again though.

Roger said...

Angela, Until I can get Firewood Kenny to clear out some of the downed trees across the creek a tractor couldn't get in there. The ATVer's are mostly a weekend thing and to this point they have been very respectful of my land. The nice thing is they have created trails down the hollow that makes exploring for me much easier. In a situation like mine, I can't stress how important it is to give up little things like an occasional ATV run to keep good relations with the locals.