Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Irene Tells The Truth

Hello everyone! My name is Irene. I’m the one who puts Roger’s handwritten stories into the computer and publishes the blog. Since Roger will probably never see this I thought I would take his invitation to post something to show you what he actually writes in a typical submission. Here is what the post entitled “Cause and Defect” (March 15th) looked like when I got it. To fully appreciate the work I do on these things I think you should go back and read the finalized post first if you are not familiar with it: http://boomerranting.blogspot.com/2012/03/cause-and-defect.html

Roger’s version:
“Irene wanted me to bring the dog to her house for a dog birthday party. My truck wouldn’t start and I didn’t know why. I shook some wires I under the hood and got it running. After I dumped the dog off at the old lady’s house I took the truck to Harry’s store for some cheap cigars and to see if he could fix the starting problem. He and a bunch of other guys hanging out at the store watched me try to fix it. Sometimes the truck would start. Sometimes it wouldn’t. Everyone had their own idea about what was wrong with the truck. A smart-alec little girl said she thought it had something to do with whether the door on the truck was open or closed. We all laughed. I never did get the truck fixed. As long as it starts sometimes I suppose that will have to do. The end.
Note: Irene, please make a funny title for this and make it longer if you can. If you can think up some lesson people might learn from a truck not starting please add it to the end. Thanks Doll, Roger”

So now you know the truth. Actually, the whole truth is, he doesn’t spell very well either. Irene

Irene note: No, I didn’t write this. I would never change a word he wrote. I think this is Roger’s crazy way of saying thank you to me. You’re welcome, Roger. Now get back to the garden.


Langela said...

"dumped the dog off at the old lady's house". HA! I laughed at that line several times. Loved this post. Thanks, Irene, for bringing us Roger's rantings. And thanks, Roger, for the laughs today.

Angela said...

That is absolutely hilarious! You had me going there for a bit! Poor Irene! The things you put up with from that man! You deserve a cake or a pie or a nice dinner out! Hey, you should have it all Irene!

Roger said...

...Irene does a tolerable job, I suppose, but a "dinner out"!...it's going to take more than a little typing to get me to dig into my secret cash hole for that kind of extravagance.